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Community Conceived

What Started As A Simple And Shared Concern, Led To The Conversation That Propelled The Idea, Which Turned Into The Reality That Is Now Known As Evolution MC. Through The Inputs And Efforts Of A Community Of Players Of A Shared Game, The Creation And Evolving Nature OF Evolution MC Has Become, Not Just A Destination, But An Incredible And Exciting Journey To Create A Game Concept… That However Simple And Humble In its Initial Inception, Will Grow To Become A New Benchmark In Game Design And Expectations For Players The World Over.

Socially Focused

Being The “Community Conceived” Concept Which We Evolved From, We Believe In The “Social Experience” Of Gaming, And Fully Believe And Support Fair Game Play Concepts And Practices. We Also Believe In Creating An Environment That Rewards Fair Game Play and Positive Social Interaction. And, On The Other Side, We Believe In Holding People Accountable For Their Choices When Participating In The Game, And Its Affiliate Extensions. (Including, But Not Limited To This Web Site, And/Or Social Media Platforms) While This Could Be Unpopular With Some, We Believe It Creates And Fosters A Positive Environment With Equal Opportunity Access For All Players… New, Old, Skilled And/Or Casual Gamer’s Alike. As Such, We Will Keep A Diligent T.O.S and Community Standards Policy In Place To Assist In Maintaining That Positive Environmental Atmosphere, That Facilitates The Most Practical Outcome For All Players Alike.

Constant Evolution

Its in The Name! Its In Its Inception! Its Literally The Driving Force Around The Whole Nature Of The Game, In All Its Aspects. We Know Game Development Is As Ever Changing, Ever Growing, As The Tech industry Is Itself. (Just Like Most Things In Life, Just As The Tree! :D) And Although We Truly Have Some “Great” “Big” Ideas And Long Term Goals, We Also Know Being Grounded Is Not just Important, But Mandatory In Game Development. So We May Start With A “Simple” FTPS Styled Moba, But Rest Assured… There Is More To Come In The Future. With Every Update, Every Major Patch… With Every Season, There Will Be Something New Offered Players To Enhance Their Experience And Game Play. This Will Lead To A More Fulfilling And Increased Platform That Will Truly Change Your Expectations In An Entertainment Diversion Through Online Gaming. Keep Watch, Participate, Support… And Most Of All, Stay Tuned 🙂 What Comes Next Just Might Surprise You! 

About The Game

Imagine a game, with an open world concept… crossing genre’s… mix of reality and supposition for its lore and backstory… hybrid maps and environments mixed from photo reality, and customized elements and assets… imagine a game that comes evolves and grows from the input of its players from within the community who enjoy it… customization features and choices for almost everything you could imagine… competitive game play and exciting outcomes that are as unique and different as there are players… imagine the mix of an FPS shooter game, with the socialization of a 3D VR based interactive game, not just on the battlefield but off… imagine using your creative skills to create new and exciting additions for the game itself… in an industry that focuses on high performance systems, powerful GPU’s, massive speeds in multi core CPU’s… packed full of high performance RAM… imagine a game with all these elements playable on a lower spec system, typical in millions of homes around the world…

THIS, and much more are possible… THIS and much more, is coming… and it all began with a conversation… it all begins with a modular based game development… and it all begins, with Evolution MC, the first installment of the Evolution Game, based around a simple MOBA style FPS… one that focuses more on game play experiences and enjoyment than anything else… come join us, come step into the arena… come evolve with a new standard end expectation in online multiplayer gaming platforms…


Unique Map Environments

Made With Some Real World Elements, Rendered From Photographs And Turned Into 3D Models. You To Could Submit Photo’s To Be Included Into The Game Map Environments! (inquire within via email)


Classes, Each With Their Own Specialty Weapons Platforms

Initially, There Is 5 “Classes” -or- M.O.S.’s :

1) Assault Class

2) Recce Class

3) Sniper Class

4) Heavy Class

5) Support Class

In The Future, Classes Will Be Broken Down Into Specialized M.O.S. Groupings,, Each With Their Own Specialty Skill Sets And Abilities To Create A Unique Operative Character That Will Be Highly Customized By The Individual Player. Stay Tuned For Updates And Sneak Peaks!


Classic Game Modes

Initially Starting With 4 Of The Most Well Known And Popular Game Modes. (Along With An Additional Built In”Special Twist”) There Will Be More Than Enough To Keep You “PewPewPew’ing” Along With Much Excitement And Enjoyment! In The Future, Through Player And Community Participation, New Game Modes And Custom Challenges Will Be Added!
Starting With :
1) DeathMatch
2) Rush
3) Capture The Flag
4) Team DeathMatch

(With A Built In “Triple Threat” Option Mode” For Those Who REALLY Love To Be Challenged! 3 Full Teams Of 16 For A Total Of 48 Players On The Same Map At The Same Time! Be Warned! It Can Get Chaotic!)

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Evolution MC

time till closed alpha/beta testing on global server
time till closed public beta testing on global server
time till open public beta testing on global server

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