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It all began with a casual conversation on discord, with players of a game we mutually played, and enjoyed. It wasn’t so much the “game” itself that kept drawing me back, like others, it was the people you met along the way. Those people who you shared your time with, both in playing against each other, and with each other. And in so, it spread from the game, to the ever popular app/platform that so many use, called “Discord”.

It was on this platform that friendships were made BECAUSE of the shared interactions with the game itself. This grew however, to many discussions about what could be, should be, and hey… might be, if we actually put our heads together and started down that path together as a community. And so, it was born… the idea… and just like seed, it grew… and now its roots have taken hold, to bare some sturdy stalk, and create some amazing fruits.

What came out of all that talk, is now what is referred to as Evolution MC… and as the direction took hold, like many things (its in the name itself) it started to grow, and grow, and a whole new world of possibilities started to rear its head to show just what is possible.

With all this awesomeness going on, there were many challenges that existed.. first…you needed an “engine”…a gaming engine. A solid platform on which to build the “game” and make it a viable concern that could be both playable, and enjoyable for the masses. In this situation, we chose the ever growing, ever popular UNREAL ENGINE 4 platform by Epic Games. They had a stable and popular gaming engine, with a proven track record for performance and stability. There were lots of “AAA” game examples that use the platform for game building and design ( i would have posted examples, but the list is so extensive it wouldn’t be right! instead, here’s a wikipedia for you to carouse should you wish! – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Unreal_Engine_games ) and we figured if it was good enough for the pro’s, it was good enough for us! And, it sure has turned out to be an amazing blessing!

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